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The Careavanman's professional and reliable repair and maintenance services are also available for clients who own motorhomes. As with all forms of road vehicle, it's important to regularly service your motorhome to guarantee that it is in optimum working condition and safe for you and your family to live in.  

 •  NCC approved mobile workshop

 •  Comprehensive habitation servicing

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 •  Professional and reliable services

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High quality and comprehensive motorhome servicing and habitation services from The Careavanman

We offer our clients a comprehensive motorhome habitation service that covers all areas of testing. This includes basic tests for scratches and dents, to advanced tests focusing on gas pressure, electrical system connection and so on.

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Habitation service

The Careavanman is committed to providing you with the very best in motorhome servicing. Our comprehensive motorhome services ensure that your vehicle is safe to travel and live in, and readers should note that it is a legal obligation to service your motorhome on a regular basis.

Keeping your motorhome in optimum condition